PenPal Project

TAIWAN X ISRAEL PENPAL PROGRAM(2020-2021) : 30 Schools (Israel) + 30 Schools (Taipei)

A. Time Frame

One academic year, from Sep 1st 2020 (or later) to June 30th 2021 (The actual starting date will depend on matchmaking situation)

B. Participants

Public or private primary and secondary schools of Israel and Taiwan(Taipei city)

C. Curriculum Theme   

The theme of the 2020-2021 PenPal program is Animal Protection, 7 topics are oriented as followed:

  1. Animal Life Care   2. Animal Welfare and Protection   3. Veterinary Medicine and Illness   4. Animal Nutrition and Health   5. Pet Cleaning and Grooming   6. Animal Product marketing   7. Animal Behavior and Training

D. Implementation

English is the language used for communication. Schools are required to have mutual collaboration via post mails, emails, digital platforms, educational visits or any other digital tools at least 4 times per semester, 8 times per year.

E. Organizer Information

The program will be facilitated by Ministry of Education (Israel), Ministry of Environmental Protection (Israel), Education Department of Taipei City, and EON Center.

Co-organizer:  Israel Economic & Cultural Office in Taipei Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Tel Aviv

TAIWAN X ISRAEL PENPAL PROGRAM(2019-2020) : 23 Schools (Israel) + 28 Schools (Taipei)

The PenPal and Collaborative Education Program is to connect local students with the outside world and enable students at the similar age, both local and international, to interact one another via emails, post mails, digital platforms/tools, educational visits or any other ways. Also, its aim is to form an international community for educators for the development of new teaching curriculums and strategies between Israel and Taiwan. The ultimate goal is to establish sister school partnerships for bilateral schools.


1. To establish sister school partnerships through collaboration 

2. To enhance educators’ abilities to develop international education curriculums 

3. To reinforce educators’ abilities to collaborate with others

4. To build up students’ partnerships with other international peers via emails, post mails, digital platforms/tools, educational visits or any other ways

The Israeli and Taiwanese schools will use edutech platform as a tool for teachers to design curriculums, and develop materials for collaborative teaching. Students will be able to use a variety of 3D materials for demonstrating their outcomes and interacting with students from sister schools through technology.

The school in the program should have tablet devices or computers for running edutech platform. Program organizer will arrange training of edutech platform after the matchmaking work in mid-September 2019. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Ken Hong, 

the Education and Innovation Director of TXI Center.

TEL: +886-2-7733-7755 ext 803   FAX: +886-2-2882-2377

Mobile: +886-910-628107 (WhatsApp)         

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