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Martina Cho

    “Volunteering in Israel went beyond my expectations. Before I went, I was worried about many things: safety, what if I end up not liking the food , will I get along with the counselors and the people in charge there etc. However, the experience blew my mind. People were friendly and very helpful. Even though some of them couldn’t speak much English, there were still very passionate. The food was… Read More »Martina Cho

    Lisa Huang

      “This trip to Israel is an amazing experience, I was not only a tourist, but also a volunteer for caring the Israeli kids and teaching them the traditional Chinese culture in a summer camp. This trip totally brought me a different view and new feeling about Israel. 這趟去以色列對我來來說是個很特別的經驗,不只是個觀光客,還多了當志工的機會,我可以接觸當地的小朋友,並且教導他們中國結,這五天的營會讓我重新對以色列有著完全不同的認識。 每個小朋友就像天使一樣,身上帶著不同的特質,帶著不同的任務,帶給不同人生命的感動。當地小孩表達的方式很直接,有個小男孩一開始很排斥營會活動,一個人晃來晃去的,接著幾天就像變一個人似的,會一直抱我們、親我們,這樣的熱情讓個性比較害羞的我也很大方擁抱他們。 其中還有一個小男孩很認真做完他第一個中國結手環,那是他要送給妹妹的,接著他才做他自己喜歡的顏色手環給自己,這讓我感到非常溫馨。最讓我印象深刻的是一位非常調皮好動的男孩,他帶領我去加入他們的遊戲,原本小朋友玩遊戲我只能站在旁邊看或幫忙撿球而已,他的調皮雖然引起其他小女孩的反感,但成了我更能貼近小朋友的關鍵。 營會結束目送小朋友離開時,好多小朋友問我明年會不會來,且說會非常非常想念我們,我當下無法給出答案,因為這次我能來到以色列真的是許多巧合促成的,剛好我正在找下份工作,剛好我有足夠的資金負擔這趟旅遊,剛好我的朋友很積極替我詢問有沒有名額,剛好我喜歡和小朋友互動,明年的我不確定能不能有這麼多的剛好。 離開以色列時,有好多的捨不得,小朋友的臉一張張浮現在我腦海,其實是他們給了我好多好多的感動,雖然我以志工的名義來到營會協助,但我很清楚我並不能直接帶給他們實質的幫助,反而是他們的熱情和笑容打動了我,給我一段很美好的回憶和經驗。”

      Serena Hung

        “The volunteer work in Israel was beyond my expectations. To be honest, I was actually a bit worried at first; worried about the cultural difference, worried about not being accepted by the kids, and most of all, worried about not being able to communicate well with the staff members. However, to my relief, not only were the kids full of life, they were also willing to have a conversation with… Read More »Serena Hung

        Sharon Lan

          ” When I get Israel, something warms my heart. I think that is LOVE. I love Israel and all the people who live on this ground. I am so grateful and honored to serve as a volunteer in Israel. The counselors and kids from the camp gave me so many wonderful memories and they were so friendly. They taught me pure happiness of appreciating simplicity. I am so happy that… Read More »Sharon Lan

          Adi Bishara

            Adi Bishara : A marvelous, once-in-a-lifetime trip. The country itself is a mind boggling mixture of urban city areas and breathtaking nature… We were all hosted and welcomed gracefully by the Taiwanese hosting families and young people from church, which added a sweet taste to the whole experience. If I could, I would relive every second of that trip.


              Yan : The trip to Taiwan was simply amazing, it had a lot of adventures and a lot of fun. The most intriguing thing was learning about the cultural in Taiwan how much it is different from ours and also the kindness of the people was amazing.

              Leen & Hanan

                Leen & Hanan : We enjoyed every second of the experience, especially because we met new people from a totally different culture. If anyone wants to go and have a great experience with great people who are from a totally diffident culture, We recommend Taiwan to do the job !

                Lana Bisharat

                  Lana Bisharat : Taiwan was fantastic, the kind people , nature , city and the different food ….I would definitely love to go back there and discover more about this beautiful country.

                  Botrus Olaimy

                    Botrus Olaimy : For me personally, the thing that sticks with me most is how nice people can be, and that actually shows me that no matter how evil and cruel the world can seem at times, the goodness inside one man’s heart can overcome all evil. Taiwan is an amazing country rich with nature, culture and history. I totally recommend to anyone who wants to experience the far east… Read More »Botrus Olaimy

                    Osamah Khoury

                      Osamah Khoury : I roamed the streets of huge cities, I was enlightened with the country’s history and all this made me realize how beautiful and special of a place Taiwan is. I would highly recommend Taiwan to anyone who enjoys seeing the beautiful nature, loves food , loves getting to know and interact with Amazing people and finally loves life .