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” When I get Israel, something warms my heart. I think that is LOVE. I love Israel and all the people who live on this ground. I am so grateful and honored to serve as a volunteer in Israel.

The counselors and kids from the camp gave me so many wonderful memories and they were so friendly. They taught me pure happiness of appreciating simplicity. I am so happy that I could be a part of the camp. I gained so many precious gifts from them. I enjoyed teaching kids how to make bracelets. They were so lovely and smart. I will never forget their faces.

My Taiwanese friends, family and myself prayed for this trip before coming to Israel, which is why I am even more excited to volunteer at the camp. I enjoyed all the Arabic & Hebrew songs even though I couldn’t understand them. I picked up some Arabic and Hebrew phrases throughout the camp, which was fun. 

As time went by, we grew closer and became like a family. Praise G-D for the grace and blessing everything I eat, I use, and I experience. 

We visited Tel Aviv, Nazareth, and Jerusalem after camp. We visited lots of beautiful places and historical sites, I hope I could go back to Israel every year. I praised G-D for giving me this chance to serve in Israel.

感謝上帝!讓我可以親自踏上以色列這塊土地,服事當地的小孩子,這將會是我一生難忘的回憶!~ 願祢的國降臨,願祢的旨意行在地上,如同行在天上。 “